Stephen Sacks

Make More Profit And Get More Cash for Free!

I have been in business for over 30 during which time I have bought, sold, failed and succeeded in a number of different business ventures in areas as diverse as fashion, furnishings, online retail and logistics. I launched Funding Nav at the end of 2016 in order to advise and action business funding strategies.

Since launching we have worked in numerous areas including health and wellness, food and beverage, consumer electronics, social housing, fishing, van rentals, education, recruitment, software, retail, frozen food, plumbing supplies and music management. We have managed to add value in every case.
Given my background and the fact that I am neither an accountant nor a banker the approach we will be taking is highly commercial.

My Sessions

Make More Profit And Get More Cash for Free!

In this seminar Stephen will cover two separate strategies that businesses can use to increase their bank balance without creating any debt or dilution. In a world of cheap and easy debt and equity we sometimes forget that there are strategies where we can boost cash for virtually zero cost. In the headlong rush to […]